User Notes

This app  takes you to the right location for the resource you require. It does not link to full text cases or acts or journal articles - it takes you to the resource that houses them. For subscription sites you will need your usual login to access the titles. For free sites you will land on the home page and be able to navigate to the item you are seeking.


How to use the app:


Identify your task   - e.g. Find a case (this identifies where to locate the court or law report series online), then the geographical region, and the jurisdiction; one or more titles will be displayed. When you select a title, you will retrieve a list of one or more host resources for that title. These can be subscription services (identified by a symbol) or free sites. Select one and you will be able to link to the site; sometimes added information includes coverage details and other relevant information. If you subscribe to the $ sites, you will be able to login at this point. For free sites, the link opens directly on the homepage.




In this app, the following tasks include several types of materials:

  • Find blogs - links to selected well regarded legal blogs.


  • Find cases – this links to the source of the law reports or to the Court, not the actual cases; case citations must be searched within the site of the resource, or provider, of the reports.


  • Find gazettes – links to the official government site for the gazette or official journal of the country or entity, provided in the language of the country.


  • Find Hansard – this links to parliamentary or congressional debates.


  • Find journal title – a link to the provider or aggregator of the journal you require; you then have to search within that site to obtain the journal contents.


  • Find legislation - includes acts, statutes, bills, regulations, statutory instruments, subordinate legislation, delegated legislation and rules.


  • Find law reforn reports – links to Law Reform Commission sites with collections of their reports.


  • Find treaties - links to international, multilateral and bi-lateral treaties




The app will be updated regularly, and you will be prompted to Sync the database when this happens. This will only take a minute or so, and the option will be there to defer the update to a later time.