January 2013: Congratulations on this excellent research tool. We are encouraging our lawyers at Victoria Legal Aid to download it.

February 2013: I downloaded it and have had a bit of tour around its content. I think it's going to be very useful, not just to law librarians, but also to the wider legal community. Congratulations to Natalie and Ruth for the effort they have out into this - it's a bit like a GPS for legal resources


February 2013: I have purchased your new app and I really like it. The organization is excellent. Congratulations!

March 2013: This week, a new legal app was launched that looks very useful so I have included its details in our column for your information. 

June 2013: After trying it out over several days, I am impressed by how much it covers.....I can recommend this app as useful to anyone who is frequently engaged in legal research — particularly research in jurisdictions outside those in which you normally work. The developers have done a Herculean task of assembling these thousands of links from jurisdictions worldwide and organizing them in a way that lets you find them with just a few clicks.