LawSauce includes over 8,000 records covering case law and legislative sources for many jurisdictions. It is organised by broad geographical region, such as North America or Asia. The sources are then arranged by their jurisdictional location. So in North America there are links to the United States, or Canada, for titles related to the federal level, alongside individual states and provinces as well. For the UK & Europe region, links are to the EU, as well as to each individual country in greater Europe, extending to Russia and the CIS in the east and Ireland in the west.


International law sites are included, as are links to collections of treaties. Parliamentary debates are indexed under the task Find Hansard; leading legal blogs are included. There are links to the host source of nearly 4,000 legal journal titles online. In many instances the coverage provided by the resource is indicated, and occasional comments are included where they add information to the source.


The contents are updated regularly and you will be prompted to Sync the database when this happens. This will only take a minute or so, and the option will be there to defer the update to a later time.